Rocker Series

Rocker Series

2007 Rocker Series: After two years in the Rocker and with extensive feedback from our hardest users, the Rocker enters a new era of creek-boat performance – in 3 sizes!

Refined rocker transition delivers auto-boofing characteristics to this fast, stay-on-line design.

More Leg Room for entry and exit.

Raised, catch-free edges for the most challenging cross-currents.

Boat Armor equipped for a rock-solid hull with “Uni-shock” impact-absorbing bulkhead system.

*Note from EJ: With Clay Wright, Jay Kincaid, Ben Stookeberry, Jesse Coombs, Phil Boyer, Boyd Ruppelt, and Stephen Wright all paddled the classic Rocker. We received incredible feedback for the design of this new series of Rockers. The Rockers will quickly become your creekers of choice because of the incredible all-day comfort, no-holes / no leak construction, Cross-link plastic, and light weight.

Punk Rocker   
Mega Rocker   

ModelLength (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm) Volume (l)Weight Paddler (kg)Ideal Creeking (kg) Ideal River (kg)Ideal Rodeo (kg)Ideal Univerzal (kg) Cockpit Dimensions (cm x cm)Weight (kg)
Punk Rocker234623625836-7545-6854-75   18
Rocker246653830357-9164-9166-86   20
Mega Rocker259694035273-13679-12586-136   22