Kajaky na divokou vodu

Rock Star Series 2011

Keep blowing your mind on what you can do in a playboat!- The Rock Star takes playboating to the next level, once again! Intermediates and Experts will not want to miss this show!
Available Now in Small, Medium and Large (S, M, L)!


Star Series 2010

Third generation of Star series
The Future of Freestyle Kayaks is Now a Reality - The best is now even better! Great in a hole, unbeatable on a wave. Beginner, advanced or the one who wants to win world championship – this is the choice to consider now.


Star Series 2007 Classic

The new Stars mix wave-surfing and hole-riding features into the Ultimate combination and will be Team JK’s freestyle machine for 2007, 2008, and 2009. The right mix of speed, carving, spinnability, and user friendliness is achieved!


Fun Series 2010

Third edition of Fun series
Simply said, we succeeded in improving behavior for both river running and playboating, that is characteristic for this series. 2010 model is available in three sizes: 2Fun, Fun, and 4Fun with ELITE or SL outfitting.


Fun Series 2007 Classic

The New Fun floats the amazing simplicity and versatility of the classic design to the next level of performance and in so many ways!


Hero Series

We needed a straight up river running kayak that paddles like a Jackson, rolls like a Jackson, and is comfortable like a Jackson. We started with the new Fun hull and built the boat up from there. This boat is the perfect companion for the paddler wanting a predictable, stable, carving, easy to paddle river runner that won’t hit a plateau before you do.


Villain Series

The Villain was made to take your river running and creeking as far as you want to go. Hardcore creeking or casual river running are done best with what the Villain offers, a stout package of performance and safety features.


Tandem Kayaks

Welcome to the future! While tandem kayaks have been made before, it was time to make a modern tandem boat that is suitable for teaching in, for bringing friends, significant others, kids, and really opening up paddling to those who don’t want to go solo!


Kid's Kayaks

Jackson Kayak has 10 kayaks specially designed from the smallest of kids to the time they become young men and women. When it comes to kids and kayaks, we know what works and what doesn’t.


Classic Star Series

First series of super rodeo kayak. It surfs great and jump incredibly into the air. EJ won with this first version the World Whitewater Freestyle Championship. It was hard to improve these already perfect rodeo boats and they succeeded, but the original version is still one of the best rodeo boats nowadays.


Classic Fun Series

After 3 years of paddling down rivers, in playspots around the world, and in kayak schools everywhere, the Classic Fun Series has proven to be just that: CLASSIC. These boats are forgiving enough for a huge rapid's cross-currents or your first peel-out.


Rocker Series

2007 Rocker Series: After two years in the Rocker and with extensive feedback from our hardest users, the Rocker enters a new era of creek-boat performance – in 3 sizes! Refined rocker transition delivers auto-boofing characteristics to this fast, stay-on-line design. More Leg Room for entry and exit.


All Water

The name, the design, the function; they all come together perfectly with the All-Water. Like all Jackson Kayak designs, the All-Water provides ultra comfort and the highest performance in it’s class. This whitewater/touring hybrid design takes you down the river with confidence and across the lake with precision glide… all in one kayak.