Hero Series

Hero Series

We needed a straight up river running kayak that paddles like a Jackson, rolls like a Jackson, and is comfortable like a Jackson. We started with the new Fun hull and built the boat up from there. This boat is the perfect companion for the paddler wanting a predictable, stable, carving, easy to paddle river runner that won’t hit a plateau before you do. Whether looking to creek the local run, or overnight the canyon, this full volume, planing hull, nimble, quick, safe kayak is your ticket. This will be a top selling kayak in 2008 and beyond, and sets a new standard in just how fun and versatile a river runner can be.

Some specifics: The Hull: Cross-linked plastic for durability and shape retention (no oilcanning). Planing hull for great initial stability, surfing, and a predictable ride that the Fun and Star paddler can jump into and feel right at home. The same performance characteristics found in the Fun hull is all standard with the ideal drop chines that are effective but out of the way for creeking, and thruster chines for extra speed and directional control for front surfing (yes you can spin it too!). For those creeking this boat, look for effortless boofs that come from a properly positioned rocker break. David Knight is a genius, and his genious shows through on this hull!

The Side Walls: The side walls bring true Jackson Kayak rolling ability to play here with the addition of a rigidity bar for those wanting to seriously creek it (Team JK’s Jesse Coombs is already asking when he can “stomp the big ones” in it!) The flair in this sidewall is just right to give the beginner roller that extra confidence, while adding a secondary stability level that keeps you right side up and paddling. The angle is also set to make side surfing a hole (on purpose or not) easy, smooth, and non-grabby. There is nothing to catch while running slides for those who will be creeking this boat.

The Deck: Ample footroom is the first thing you’ll notice. Put your BIG booties/river shoes on and you’ll be comfortable, and safe. That foot-room also provides you with the volume to keep you on the surface for safety and confidence. The stern has the volume needed to keep you looking downstream after drops instead of back into the hole! You’ll love how the Super Hero busts through holes and stays on the surface and upright like Superman busting through a wall with a smile on his face! The smooth, well designed deck keeps your knuckles and elbows free and clear of impact on even the biggest drops.

The Outfitting: Boat Armor and Uni-Shock bulkhead on the adult models. Four swimmer and portaging friendly grab handles/attachment points, and a stainless steel security bar for safety in the most challenging situations. Side Kick outfitting is specially designed to keep weight to a minimum to assure easy carrying for kids.

Side Kick  
Little Hero  
Super Hero  

ModelLength (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm) Volume (l)Weight Paddler (kg)Ideal Creeking (kg) Ideal River (kg)Ideal Rodeo (kg)Ideal Univerzal (kg) Cockpit Dimensions (cm x cm)Weight (kg)
Side Kick201573318918-54     12
Little Hero216613623936-68     15
Hero229653828452-86     19
Super Hero241673932970-127     21