Classic Star Series

First series of super rodeo kayak. It surfs great and jump incredibly into the air. EJ won with this first version the World Whitewater Freestyle Championship. It was hard to improve these already perfect rodeo boats and they succeeded, but the original version is still one of the best rodeo boats nowadays. That's why the mold forms were not destroyed and they are still using them to manufacture kayaks. The costs of building of the form are already paid and thus the price has rapidly dropped. If you want to buy a rodeo kayach cheaply, the Classic series of Star, All Star and Super Star is here for you! New Classic Stars are made of high-quality superlinear PE with decent Classic outfitting.

Star Classic   
All Star Classic   
Super Star Classic   

ModelLength (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm) Volume (l)Weight Paddler (kg)Ideal Creeking (kg) Ideal River (kg)Ideal Rodeo (kg)Ideal Univerzal (kg) Cockpit Dimensions (cm x cm)Weight (kg)
Star Classic17361 16740-70     14
All Star Classic18364 19759-82     14,5
Super Star Classic19468 22770-105     15