All Water

All Water

The name, the design, the function; they all come together perfectly with the All-Water. Like all Jackson Kayak designs, the All-Water provides ultra comfort and the highest performance in it’s class. This whitewater/touring hybrid design takes you down the river with confidence and across the lake with precision glide… all in one kayak. A step up from the hybrids of past for better speed and tracking ability, while offering the best of Jackson Kayak’s whitewater expertise and super easy to roll characteristics, assuring the paddler big gains in confidence and ability.

This boat is a David Knight design and you can see some of the classic Jackson Kayak shaping in this brand new package. This boat is not dressed down, but instead offers a complete outfitting package. Boat Armor outfitting, including the Sweet cheeks, Sure-lock backband, and our first true waterproof easy access hatch for dry stowage. Our own skeg design really puts this boat over the top. Infinitely adjustable, streamlined skeg box for minimum drag, and a skeg that lets you paddle on autopilot and check out the scenery without worrying about getting off track.

Look for the All-Water to debut in March in two sizes; 9’ and the 10’. These boats are designed to carry a lot of gear if need be for overnights. Max weight (paddler+gear) for the 9’ model is designed for up to 100 kg while the 10’ model handles up to 140 kg easily.

This boat is perfect for the paddler that wants a kayak that does it “All”. Meandering rivers, Multi days, light touring, or whitewater It is fully functional for those wanting to venture into some excitement.

Why choose a boat for different conditions when you can have it all in one boat- the All-Water!

All Water 9  
All Water 10  

ModelLength (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm) Volume (l)Weight Paddler (kg)Ideal Creeking (kg) Ideal River (kg)Ideal Rodeo (kg)Ideal Univerzal (kg) Cockpit Dimensions (cm x cm)Weight (kg)
All Water 92846534 70     18
All Water 103057037 88     19